Frozen Balls in Pool and Billiards

... how to aim, detect fouls, and prevent fouls with pool shots involving balls frozen together.

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For more information, see Disc IV of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots

aiming systems

How do you aim frozen-ball billiard and carom shots?



When it is a foul to hit into the CB when it is frozen to an OB?

When the cue ball is frozen to the object ball, you are allowed to hit into the cue ball toward the frozen ball with a normal stroke. A "push" stroke is not allowed. Examples of frozen-cue-ball shots at various angles can be viewed in HSV A.97.

Now, if there is a miscue during such a shot, it could be ruled a foul if there are obviously multiple hits or if the miscue is intentional. For many example calls along with explanations, see:

position control

How can you control the position of the CB when it is frozen to an OB?


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