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How to Aim

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Here is some terminology related to aiming a pool shot:

ghost-ball aiming and terminology

The biggest challenge of pool is visualizing the necessary shot line that sends the cue ball (CB) to the ghost-ball (GB) position to contact the object ball (OB) at the point where the line of centers through the GB and OB heads to the target direction (e.g., to a pocket). Here's a video demonstration showing a relatively easy way to visualize the line of aim at the pool table:

And here are some other resources that can help you learn and practice the ghost-ball aiming method:

More information about various aiming methods can be found here: Aiming Systems. How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS) covers the basics of aiming along with aiming systems for all sorts of pool shots.

A key part of aiming is body and head alignment. If your vision is not centered properly, you won't perceive the line of aim of the shot correctly:

For more information, see the "vision center" resource page.

A good pre-shot routine can also help your aiming accuracy and consistency:

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