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Adjusting Aim for Throw

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It is important to understand how friction between the CB and OB can change the direction of the OB. This effect is called throw. Throw is not very large with fast speed shots, and it is less when the CB has topspin or bottom-spin, but the effect can be significant with slower-speed shots, especially with stun. When throw is due to cut angle alone, the effect is called cut-induced throw (CIT):

cut-induced throw (CIT)

And when it is due to sidespin, it is called spin-induced throw (SIT):

spin-induced throw (SIT)

Many important throw effects are demonstrated in the following video:

Examples of how throw can be used to your advantage can be found here: throw shot examples

And a summary of how throw varies for different types of shots can be found here: squirt, swerve, and throw effects

One way to deal with throw is to eliminate it with "gearing" outside english, as covered in the following video:

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