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"Top 10 Series – Part 1: Shots You Must Know" (February, 2019).
"The Carbon Fiber Shaft Craze" (January, 2019).
"Chalk Testing Sequel" (December, 2018).
"Straight Rail Shots" (November, 2018).
"How to Break in 3-Ball" (October, 2018).
"Got English?" (September, 2018).
"Small-Gap Combos" (August, 2018).
"VENT – Part X: Herd and Compress" (July, 2018).
"VENT – Part IX: Rail Cut Shot Effects" (June, 2018).
"VENT – Part VIII: Ball-In-Hand Options" (May, 2018).
"VENT – Part VII: Safety Play" (April, 2018).
"VENT – Part VI: End-Game Patterns" (March, 2018).
"How to Rack and Break 9-Ball Like a Pro " - edited "Breaking Bad" BD version with pro interviews (feature article, March, 2018).
"VENT – Part V: Two-Rail Position Plays" (February, 2018).
"VENT – Part IV: Defensive Strategy" (January, 2018).
"VENT – Part III: Creative Shot Options" (December, 2017).
"VENT – Part II: How to Train Your Table" (November, 2017).
"VENT – Part I: Corey’s 9-ball Soft Break" (October, 2017).
"Pool Myths – Part 4: LD Shafts" (September, 2017).
"Pool Myths – Part 3: Open Vs. Closed Bridge" (August, 2017).
"Pool Myths – Part 2: The Rest of the List" (July, 2017).
"Pool Myths – Part 1: The List" (June, 2017).
"Ball Colors and Numbers" (May, 2017).
"Peace Sign Subtleties" (April, 2017).
"Dr. Dave’s Best YouTube Vids" (March, 2017).
"Rail Cut Shot CB Control" (February, 2017).
"Pool by Numbers" (January, 2017).
"Corey Deuel's Famous Draw Shot" (December, 2016).
"Legal Fouls" (November, 2016).
"Bending, Twisting, and Stiffening Kicks and Banks" (October, 2016).
"How to Break Like a Pro" (feature article, September, 2016).
"Back-of-the-Ball Aiming" (September, 2016).
"8-Ball Break Stats" (August, 2016).
"VEEB - Part IX: Run-Out Examples" (July, 2016).
"VEEB - Part VIII: The Break" (June, 2016).
"VEEB - Part VII: End-Game Situations" (May, 2016).
"VEEB - Part VI: Straight-In Shot Options" (April, 2016).
"VEEB - Part V: Coming Into the Line of Blockers" (March, 2016).
"VEEB - Part IV: Throw Hold Shots" (February, 2016).
"VEEB - Part III: Drag-Enhanced Sidespin" (January, 2016).
"VEEB - Part II: Selecting Key Balls" (December, 2015).
"VEEB - Part I: Pocket Blockers" (November, 2015).
"Optimal Cue Weight" (October, 2015).
"Jump Stop/Draw/Follow" (September, 2015).
"Swoop Experiment" (August, 2015).
"Does the Brand of Chalk Really Matter?" (July, 2015).
"HAPS - Part VIII: Bank Shots" (June, 2015).
"HAPS - Part VII: Kick Shots" (May, 2015).
"HAPS - Part VI: Rail Cut Shots" (April, 2015).
"HAPS - Part V: Combination-Shot Throw" (March, 2015).
"HAPS - Part IV: Draw Carom Shot Aiming" (February, 2015).
"HAPS - Part III: Gearing Outside English" (January, 2015).
"HAPS - Part II: BHE and FHE" (December, 2014).
"HAPS - Part I: Fractional-Ball Aiming" (November, 2014).
"Throw Follow-up: Part IV: Follow Cling" (October, 2014).
"Throw Follow-up: Part III: Frozen Throw" (September, 2014).
"Throw Follow-up: Part II: More Results" (August, 2014).
"Update on Tom Ross" (August, 2014, Cue Times).
"Throw Follow-up: Part I: Cling" (July, 2014).
"Cue Tip Squirt Testing," (June, 2014).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part X: The Break Shot," (May, 2014).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part IX: Kicks," (April, 2014).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part VIII: Safeties," (March, 2014).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part VII: 8-Ball Drills," (February, 2014).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part VI: 9-Ball Drills," (January, 2014).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part V: Stun Shots," (December, 2013).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part IV: Table Difficulty," (November, 2013).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part III: Player Rating," (October, 2013).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part II: Skills Exam," (September, 2013).
"Billiard University (BU) - Part I: Introduction," (August, 2013).
"Fast-Speed Banks," (July, 2013).
"Is a Pool Ball Smoother Than the Earth?," (June, 2013).
"VEPP - Part XIV: Custom Drills," (May, 2013).
"VEPP - Part XIII: Safety and Carom Challenge Drills," (April, 2013).
"VEPP - Part XII: Jump Shots," (March, 2013).
"VEPP - Part XI: Bank Shots," (February, 2013).
"VEPP - Part X: Shallow One-rail Kicks," (January, 2013).
"VEPP - Part IX: Safety Drills," (December, 2012).
"VEPP - Part VIII: 8-Ball Pattern Drills," (November, 2012).
"VEPP - Part VII: 9-Ball Pattern Drills," (October, 2012).
"VEPP - Part VI: Line-of-Balls Drill," (September, 2012).
"VEPP - Part V: Hanger Table-Center Drills," (August, 2012).
"VEPP - Part IV: Target Practice Card Trick," (July, 2012).
"VEPP - Part III: Wagon Wheel Drills," (June, 2012).
"Make Peace, Not War," instructional feature (May, 2012).
"VEPP - Part II: Progressive Practice, and Draw Drills," (May, 2012).
"VEPP - Part I: Introduction and Fundamentals," (April, 2012).
"Ball Weight and Size Difference Effects – Part II" (March, 2012).
"Ball Weight and Size Difference Effects – Part I" (February, 2012).
"Coin Proposition Shots" (January, 2012).
"Draw Shot Cue Ball Directions" (December, 2011).
"Rolling Cue Ball Deflection Angle Approximations" (November, 2011).
"The Lag Shot" (October, 2011).
"How High or Low Should You Hit the Cue Ball?" (September, 2011).
"Aim, Align, Sight - Part III: Sighting" (August, 2011).
"Aim, Align, Sight - Part II: Visual Alignment" (July, 2011).
"Aim, Align, Sight - Part I: Introduction and Ghost Ball Systems" (June, 2011).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XVII: Trick and Proposition Shots" (May, 2011).
"Bank Shot Lesson Plans - BD Coaching Special - Speed and Spin" (May, 2011).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XVI: The Massé Shot" (April, 2011).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XV: The Jump Shot" (March, 2011).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XIV: 'Spot-on-the-Wall' System" (February, 2011).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XIII: Corner-5 System Adjustments" (January, 2011).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XII: Corner-5 System Example and Benchmark" (December, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part XI: Corner-5 System Intro" (November, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part X: Plus System Examples" (October, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part IX: Plus System Adjustments" (September, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part VIII: Plus System Intro" (August, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part VII: Contact-Point Mirror Kick" (July, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part VI: One-Rail Kicks" (June, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part V: Banks and Kicks" (May, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part IV: Safety Play and Strategy" (April, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part III: English and Position Control" (March, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part II: Basic Shot Making and Position" (February, 2010).
"VEPS GEMS - Part I: Introduction" (January, 2010).
"Rules - Part V: miscellaneous fouls" (December, 2009).
"Rules - Part IV: Which ball did you hit first?" (November, 2009).
"Rules - Part III: rail cut shots" (October, 2009).
"Rules - Part II: double hits" (September, 2009).
"Rules - Part I: introduction" (August, 2009).
"Draw Shot Physics - Part IV: cue elevation effects" (July, 2009).
"Draw Shot Physics - Part III: spin ratio" (June, 2009).
"Draw Shot Physics - Part II: examples" (May, 2009).
"Draw Shot Physics - Part I: basics" (April, 2009).
"Fundamentals - Part VII: speed control" [Chinese translation*] (March, 2009).
"Fundamentals - Part VI: CB control examples" [Chinese translation*] (February, 2009).
"Fundamentals - Part V: CB position control" [Chinese translation*] (January, 2009).
"Fundamentals - Part IV: bridge length" [Chinese translation*] (December, 2008).
"Fundamentals - Part III: DAM aiming system" [Chinese translation*] (November, 2008).
"Fundamentals - Part II: aiming" [Chinese translation* French translation*] (October, 2008).
"Fundamentals - Part I: MOFUDAT" [Chinese translation* French translation*] (September, 2008).
"Return of the squirt robot" (August, 2008).
"End-of-game frozen-rail shots - Part II" (July, 2008).
"Beer-goggle effects" (June, 2008).
"Stroke Tuneup - BD Coaching Bonus" feature article [Chinese translation*] (May, 2008).
"End-of-game frozen-rail shots - Part I" (May, 2008).
"Squirt, swerve, and throw wrap-up" (April, 2008).
"Squirt - Part VIII: squerve effects" (March, 2008).
"Squirt - Part VII: cue test machine results" (February, 2008).
"Squirt - Part VI: tip shape" (January, 2008).
"Squirt - Part V: low-squirt cues" (December, 2007).
"Squirt - Part IV: BHE, FHE, and pivot-length calibration" (November, 2007).
"Squirt - Part III: follow/draw squirt and swerve" (October, 2007).
"Squirt - Part II: experimental results" (September, 2007).
"Squirt - Part I: introduction" (August, 2007).
"Throw - Part XII: calibration, and hold shots" (July, 2007).
"Throw - Part XI: everything you ever wanted to know about throw" (June, 2007).
"Throw - Part X: the big picture" (May, 2007).
"Throw - Part IX: spin transfer follow-up" (April, 2007).
"Throw - Part VIII: spin transfer" (March, 2007).
"Throw - Part VII: CIT/SIT combo" (February, 2007).
"Throw - Part VI: inside/outside english" (January, 2007).
"Throw - Part V: SIT speed effects" (December, 2006).
"Throw - Part IV: spin-induced throw" (November, 2006).
"Throw - Part III: follow and draw effects" (October, 2006).
"Throw - Part II: results" (September, 2006).
"Throw - Part I: introduction" (August, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part VII: tips of english" (July, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part VI: draw shot practice drill" (June, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part V: how to achieve good draw action" (May, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part IV: game examples" (April, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part III: using the trisect system" (March, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part II: aiming" (February, 2006).
"Draw Shot Primer - Part I: physics" (January, 2006).
"Coriolis was brilliant ... but he didn't have a high-speed camera - Part VI: maximum rolling deflection" (December, 2005).
"Coriolis was brilliant ... but he didn't have a high-speed camera - Part V: massé shot aiming" (November, 2005).
"Coriolis was brilliant ... but he didn't have a high-speed camera - Part IV: maximum cue tip offset" (October, 2005).
"Coriolis was brilliant ... but he didn't have a high-speed camera - Part III: cue ball paths are like satellite dishes" (September, 2005).
"Coriolis was brilliant ... but he didn't have a high-speed camera - Part II: high-speed video" (August, 2005).
"Coriolis was brilliant ... but he didn't have a high-speed camera - Part I: introduction" (July, 2005).
"90° and 30° Rule Follow-up - Part V: the final chapter" (June, 2005).
"90° and 30° Rule Follow-up - Part IV: english effects" (May, 2005).
"90° and 30° Rule Follow-up - Part III: inelasticity and friction effects" (April, 2005).
"90° and 30° Rule Follow-up - Part II: speed effects"  (March, 2005).
"90° and 30° Rule Follow-up - Part I"  (February, 2005).
"Just How Big are the Pockets, Anyway - Part III" (January, 2005).
"Just How Big are the Pockets, Anyway - Part II" (December, 2004).
"Just How Big are the Pockets, Anyway - Part I" (November, 2004).
"Billiards on the Big Screen - Pool Hall Junkies" (October, 2004).
"Billiards on the Big Screen - The Color of Money" (September, 2004).
"Billiards on the Big Screen - The Hustler" (August, 2004).
"90° and 30° rule review"  (July, 2004).
"The 30° rule: Part III - carom vs. cut" (June, 2004).
"The 30° rule: Part II - examples" (May, 2004).
"The 30° rule: Part I - the basics" (April, 2004).
"The 90° rule: Part III - carom and billiard shots" (March, 2004).
"The 90° rule: Part II - breakup and avoidance shots" (February, 2004).
"The 90° rule: Part I - the basics" (January, 2004).


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