Post videos of yourself taking the Exams, and win money!

Everything you need is free:
Billiard University (BU) Playing-Ability Exams
Clear how-to videos: BU Exam Demonstration Videos

*** open through the end of August, 2016 ***
*** no cost to enter ***
*** International entries are welcome ***

Money Prizes

  1. $500 for the best non-top-pro Exam I score*
  2. $500 for the best non-top-pro Exam II score*
  3. $1500 for the best top-pro BU score (Exam I + Exam II)**

*To enter Categories 1 and 2, you must have a Fargo Rating less than 700 (or have no rating). You can take the Exams on any table 8′ or larger; except for the Doctorate version of Exam II, which must be taken on a 9′ or larger table.

** To enter Category 3, you must have a Fargo Rating of 700 or higher, and both exams must be taken on 9′ or larger table.

Free BU diplomas will be sent, along with the cash prizes, to the winners of all three categories.

How to Enter

  1. Film yourself taking the BU Exams.
  2. Post your videos online.
  3. Send the links, your scores, and other info (see below) to Dr. Dave.

(although, we’ll still post any new unofficial scores and video entries that come it)

Watch Shane Van Boening Take The Exams

Official Entries to Date

Total BU Score – Top Professional Only – $1500

PlaceNameVideo LinksScore
(Exam I + Exam II)
1Tobias BongersExam I, Exam II180 (95 + 85)
2Tobias BongersExam I, Exam II170 (85 + 85)
3Marc VidalExam I, Exam II164 (77 + 87)
4Shane Van BoeningExam I, Exam II161 (84 + 77)
5Marc VidalExam I, Exam II
(part 1, part 2)
157 (77 + 80)

Exam IFundamentals – Non Top Professional – $500

PlaceNameVideo LinkScore
1Scott Braziervideo90
2Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo86
3Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo85
4Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo82
5Hideaki Aritavideo79
6Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo76
7peppersauce on AZBvideo71
8peppersauce on AZBvideo69
9Jason Merryvideo67
10Ryan Meyerpart 1, part 264
11Aaron Hibbardvideo60
12Dan Figueroavideo56
13Andrew Clearyvideo55
14Holly Figueroavideo54

Exam IISkills – Non Top Professional – $500

PlaceNameVideo LinkScore
1Scott Braziervideo91
2Scott Braziervideo87
3Scott Braziervideo85
4Hideaki Aritavideo85
5Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo85
6Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo80
7Scott Braziervideo80
8Dr. Dave Alciatorevideo73
9peppersauce on AZBvideo71
10Ryan Meyerpart 1, part 2,
part 3, part 4
11Jason Merryvideo61
12Andrew Clearyvideo59
13peppersauce on AZBvideo57
14Ryan Meyerpart 1, part 251
15Dan Figueroavideo48
16Holly Figueroavideo46
17Aaron Hibbardvideo43

Detailed Rules and Instructions

  1. You must follow all of the instructions on the BU Exam documents page for taking, scoring, and filming the exams. Each video must be a continuous, uninterrupted, and unedited run at the entire exam, and it must be obvious that no trickery was used to cheat.
  2. Your videos must be of new attempts of the Exams taken between April 1, 2016 and August 31, 2016 (i.e., no videos of previous attempts will be accepted).
  3. In the event of a tie in any category, the person who was first to post the video of the highest score wins.
  4. You must post your Exam video(s) online for public viewing (e.g., on YouTube) by August 31, 2016, and you must e-mail the video link(s) to Dr. Dave along with the following information: full name, Exam score(s), table information (table size, and pocket mouth size, throat size, and shelf depth measurements per the diagram below), and your Fargo Rating (if you have one). If you don’t know your Fargo Rating, you can look it up here:
pocket measurements