Should I do what feels natural, or try to change my stroke based on what is generally recommended?

Concerning doing what is “natural,” I don’t think this is always the best advice. What many people do “naturally” doesn’t always give the best results. For example, not dropping the elbow, or pausing in the final back swing, doesn’t come naturally to many, but these changes can still help (some but not all people), even if it doesn’t feel “natural.” Now, with lots of practice, anything can be made to feel natural and be effective (for some people).

However, many people have stroke/stance/grip/bridge flaws that feel natural but cause inconsistency or inaccuracy. Sometimes, if these “natural” flaws are removed (through lots and lots of practice and maybe some instruction), improvement can result and the new technique (with the flaws removed) can become natural and relaxed (and more effective).

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