What is the Placement Pool Challenge?

The Placement Pool Challenge (PPC 100) consists of the eighteen 9-ball and 8-ball run-out layouts from the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate versions of Billiard University Exam II. You are required to consecutively attempt to run each of the 18 layouts in order. Each layout run-out attempt ends with a miss or foul. For scoring, you start with 100 points and deduct points for any balls not pocketed legally. Here are the ball layout diagrams and detailed rules:

Placement Pool Challenge (PPC) diagrams and rules (B&W version)

The following video series gives advice on the best ways to run each of the layouts:

Here’s an example of a perfect score (100) run:

For additional placement pool practice, Tor Lowry has a collection of 200 8-ball and 9-ball patterns in his Pattern Puzzles book.

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