How can you make the cue ball jump over a close ball, and is it a foul?

First, it is important to have good jump shot technique per the videos and info on the jump shot technique advice resource page. The keys are:

  • Keep the grip and wrist as relaxed as possible.
  • Use a longer bridge length so you can accelerate over a longer distance and generate more cue speed.
  • Aim low enough on the CB so the CB doesn’t get jammed.
  • Use a very relaxed throwing motion for the stroke.

Also, see:

If you use a jump cue lighter than the CB, the jump cue will bounce back from the CB, giving the CB more room to clear. Here’s a good example from ecioART:

See other examples of highly-elevated, nearly-vertical jump shots here: less than a toothpick-size gap, and another, and another with the CB totally surrounded. Shots like these likely involve secondary hits with the ferrule or shaft, but it is difficult to call a foul since the visual evidence is not clear, convincing, or conclusive.

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