Is there a simple handicapping system that can be used to run an APA-type league?

Yes. See the Simplified APA Game-Winning Percentage Handicapping System created by Wayne Bebert. The skill levels it creates fit into the APA skill-level and handicapping system.

from Wayne Bebert:

I have put together a formula that can be done in two steps, fits the APA 2-7 system and is based off cold hard facts. I call it the game winning percentage formula:

S = (G + 40) ÷ 20


S: skill level

G: individual game winning percentage


(0 + 40) ÷ 20 = 2 skill level

(100 + 40) ÷ 20 = 7 skill level

Everything in between can be rounded accordingly.

This is a great foundation for a league to be built upon. It is simple, yet it sheds light on what really decides pool talent, which is winning capability.

I love playing pool. The APA’s lack of transparent information regarding their formula is less than ideal, IMO. A league based off the game winning percentage formula would stop the eternal arguments about questionable skill levels because one can just look at the facts.

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