What are some good examples of typical safety shots?

Safety play strategy and countless examples are covered in detail in Vol. III of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS), Vol III of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP), Vol III of the Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball (VEEB), and Vol. IV of the Video Encyclopedia of Nine-ball and Ten-ball (VENT).

Here are a good collection of example safety shots from the BU Boot Camp. The shots are demonstrated in the following videos:

For more information, see “Safeties You Must Master” (BD, September, 2020).

Here is a great collection of safety shot examples from pro matches.

And here are some additional videos with good safety demonstrations:

For more information related to NV I.8, see “VENT – Part VII: Safety Play” (BD, April, 2018).

There are also lots of great safeties in an Kick Safe match between Shane VanBoening and Francisco Bustamante and in this 10-ball game between Lee Vann Corteza VS Anton Raga.

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