Here’s a collection of the greatest pro safeties of all time:

And here’s a another collection of great safety shot examples from pro matches (from SE7EN on AZB thread), with many of the animated images linked to the original match video:

long hide
long CB and OB hide
SVB_long CB and OB hide
short CB hide off cushion
long carom CB hide
short effective hide behind line of balls
after-collision masse hide
long stun CB hide
long delicate separation safe
OB bank hide
stun long OB bank hide
kick-and-stick off long rail
long natural CB hide
long bank with CB hide
long two-rail CB hide
CB roll-up safety
OB two-rail bank hide
kick-and-stick safe in corner
long cross-table CB hide
thin-cut cross table CB hide
long CB hide off one rail
two-rail cross-table separation safe
stun forward CB hide
short two-rail CB hide
long four-rail CB hide
roll forward safe
long thin-hit CB hide
three-rail double hide
inside CB kill hide
long two-rail up-and-down table CB hide
OB hide in corner
draw CB hide
thin CB hide across table
OB hide with CB off four rails
long CB hide up table
separate CB and OB on same side
long stun to rail hide
separate CB and OB off four rails
CB hide off two rails in corner
roll CB off rail behind ball
long roll forward hide
draw off cushion CB hide
delicate roll forward separation safe
roll forward off rail separation safe
stun CB behind ball
CB stun off two rails
stun off rail for separation safe
CB lock up off two rails
CB behind ball on rail off two rails
CB ticky hide
long thin hide
kick-and-stick safe off side rail
CB hide with distance
long separation safe
jump stop safe
long CB off two rails safe
roll forward off rail hide
stop behind ball with distance
kick-and-stick off side rail
hide CB off two rails with distance
long thin-hit OB hide
CB hide with distance off thin hit
draw off rail CB hide
long four-rail CB hide in corner
stun off cushion CB hide
stun forward CB lock up
natural angle off two cushions hide
three-rail CB hide across table
long three-rail CB hide
natural angle CB hide over ball
kick-and-stick off side rail separation safety
draw off two rails intocorner
long thin three-rail CB hide
soft roll forward off cushion lock up
roll forward off two rails lock up
thin off four rails
draw along end cushion hide
roll forward off side cushion CB hide
four-rail CB hide
thin safe across table
three-rail CB hide
draw behind ball
two-rail lock-up safe
roll up off rail lock-up
four-rail CB hide with distance
two-rail separation safe
three-rail safe with distance
roll up along cushion lock-up
roll up along cushion lock-up 2
elevated stun off cushion lock-up
roll forward off rail over ball
OB hide with distance and bridge
CB roll forward off rail lock-up
two_rails_CB hide up and down table
two-rail CB hide across table
stun forward lock-up
long one-rail CB hide
two-rail CB hide
three-rail CB lock-up
inside three-rail CB hide
thin four rails across table
long thin OB hide