What does it mean for a stroke to have “good timing?”

Short answer: Good timing is smoothly accelerating into the ball, reaching maximum speed with no deceleration before contact.

For the long answer, see:

Here’s the graph from the first video, showing a “smooth acceleration” stroke with “good timing:”

For more info, see: “Good Timing in Pool” (BD, April, 2022).

Can the timing of the stroke acceleration affect the action of a shot?

No. See:

The timing of stroke acceleration can definitely affect how much speed is delivered to the cue before CB contact, and that will affect the shot. However, any acceleration or deceleration during the incredibly brief contact time can have no important effect. Any force still being applied to the cue by the fleshy grip hand during the incredibly brief contact time has negligible effect compared to the very large impulsive forces between the relatively hard tip and CB.

For more info, see:

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