What’s the safest and most effective way to clean a table’s cloth?

You can also use a dilute Woolite-water mixture instead of just water to clean the cloth (one cap per bucket of water), especially if the cloth is really dirty.

To remove bad stains, brake cleaner (available at any auto-parts store), followed up by hot water, can be effective.

from Fran Crimi:

Two things you don’t want to see happen to your cloth regardless of it’s type, are stretching and breaking too many fibers which result in fuzziness.

Vacuums with a hard pull will stretch the cloth. Rotating brushes will obviously break more fibers than non-rotating brushes. If I were you, I’d get rid of the rotating brushes and use a fine brush on a vacuum with a light pull. Then move the vacuum in one direction down table…and this has nothing to do with the cloth being directional or non-directional. This is about breaking the least amount of fibers as possible. Don’t go back and forth like you’re vacuuming your carpet.

When you’re done with that, run a slightly damp cloth in one direction down the length of the table, always towards the foot rail, and let it air dry. No blow dryers. Vacuum as infrequently as you can. The more often you do it, the more fibers you’ll break. Simonis 860 should not be even slightly fuzzy, unless you’re breaking the fibers.

What should I do to keep my table in good condition?

from RSB FAQ:

1. Keep the table clean – cover it when not in use; don’t let food or drink near it; keep junk off the rails. Let everyone know that the table is to be treated with respect and care, then be sure and follow your own advice.
2. Avoid using talc. Also, do not chalk your cue over the table, or place the chalk upside-down [open-side down?] on the rails.
3. Brush your table regularly (after each session is not too often), and clean the rails with a damp cloth.
4. Vacuum the table at least every few weeks with a dust buster type. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes unless you have worsted wool cloth, like Simonis or Granito. Also, if you have a non-worsted or directional cloth, always brush or vacuum the cloth in the same direction, usually head to foot. Vacuum the table brush itself to remove the chalk dust.
5. At least once a month, use a damp lint free towel to wipe down the cloth. Some prefer instead to mist the cloth with a water and then brush it.
6. Wash the balls regularly, at least with water, or maybe mild soap and water.
7. If you want to practice jump or massé shots, get a little extra square of cloth to put under the cueball, or you may leave little white marks all over the table.
8. Don’t let people sit on the rails – it will cause the cushions to come loose.

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