How can I draw lines on the cloth for lining up practice shots or for marking the rack location?

from Billy_Bob:

I put lines on my table for practice by using a construction chalk line. You pull the line out of the spool, pull the line tight between the two points, then snap it. Then I vacuum up the excess dust. For example I place a line diagonal from corner pocket to corner pocket. Then can practice progressive straight in shots and align the balls exactly straight on the line.

Also I use “tailor’s chalk” which you can get at a fabric store or a sewing store. They use this to mark hems on pants legs for how high they should be. It is white and triangular shaped with sharp edges. I use this to mark where the rack goes on the table for quicker racking – commonly done with 14.1 (straight pool). Again this leaves “particles” on the table after marking, so I vacuum after marking the table.

from Deeman (concerning the head string line):

They use a pen with white ink. You can get one at a crafts store. The white pen does seem to be the best choice for permanent lines although i have the standard black ones.

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