Do balls of different sizes (e.g., snooker vs. carom vs. pool) throw the same amount?

Yes, if they are in similar condition and if the surfaces are cleaned/treated the same way, and if similar shot types, speeds, spins, and angles are used in the comparison. With friction and throw, everything changes in equal proportions. If the balls are heavier, they result in large impact forces, but the throwing friction force increases in a proportional amount. Friction force is always directly proportional to the “normal” impact force. That’s why the throw angle should be the same with balls of different weights. If you look at any of my analyses involving throw (e.g., TP A.14), ball mass and radius do not affect the results, because as long as the CB and OB are homogeneous spheres of the same mass, throw is independent of ball size and weight.

The following video demonstrates a simple test that can be used to compare any balls and any surface treatments: NV D.16 – Pool ball cut-induced throw and cling/skid/kick experiment. For more info, see the ball surface treatment throw and cling effects resource page. Be aware that in any comparisons, the ball speeds should be the same, because throw does vary with ball speed (for certain shots). For more info, see throw speed effects.

I did a test comparing pool ball throw to carom ball throw, and I found no measurable difference. Here is the procedure I used:

  1. Cleaned 3 fairly new Aramith Red Measles CBs and a set of 3 fairly new carom balls (from the same set) with Aramith ball cleaner.
  2. Set up a frozen-combo 1/2-ball-hit shot straight up table (like in my small-gap-combo throw video) with the pool balls, carefully tapping and marking (with donuts) the balls into place.
  3. Hit the shot numerous times with a consistent slow speed (judged based on ball travel distances) to see how much throw I got, measured by placing a golf tee on the rail where the OB was arriving. After many shots (and adjustments of the tee position), I hit the tee fairly consistently when a consistent speed was used.
  4. Set up the same frozen combo with the carom balls, with the thrown ball on the same spot, but the other balls shifted slightly (and re-tapped and marked) due to the ball size difference. I did make sure a straight hit sent the ball straight up table as was the case with the pool ball.
  5. Hit 1/2-ball-hit shot numerous times with a consistent speed as with the pool balls, and the thrown ball headed straight for the tee fairly consistently.

I would expect snooker balls to also throw the same amount, if also fairly new, and cleaned with Aramith ball cleaner, and hit with the same ball speed.