How does Dr. Dave create and post all of those videos online?

People often ask how I make and post videos on this website, so I thought I would share the procedure with others that might be interested:

  1. Shoot raw footage with an HD camcorder mounted in a 4-way adjustable tripod. For overhead shots, I either have the tripod fully or partially on the table, with the help of bar stools; otherwise, it stands on the floor. I often shoot multiple “takes” of the same shot because of missed shots, narration errors, bad lighting or camera views, etc.
  2. Download the video from the camera to my PC through a USB interface. Video requires lots of disk space (about 3-4 MB/sec … that’s megabytes per second!).
  3. Use Pinnacle Studio to edit out the bad “takes” and trim the beginning and end of the best take. I also remove pauses and errors made (and later corrected) in the middle of a “take.” That’s why you sometimes see jumps in the middle of a clip.
  4. Use CorelDraw to create table-diagram illustrations. I export images as JPEGs and insert them into the video within Pinnacle Studio.
  5. Use Pinnacle Studio to store the edited video clip as a compressed MPG4 file so it won’t be so large.
  6. Use Dreamweaver software to edit the website and add links to the new video clips. Upload selected videos to YouTube and embed these into pages on the website.
  7. Use Dreamweaver to upload the new website the web server so they can be viewed by anyone in the world.

That’s it … difficult to learn at first, but very easy once you have done it for a while. It also helps being at a university where there are people around that know how to do all of this stuff and are willing (and excited) to show you how.

The super slow motion video clips are filmed with a special, and very expensive, high-speed camera. Other than the camera, the other steps in the process above are the same.

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