Where can I find reviews and testimonials for Dr. Dave’s instructional products?

Information about Dr. Dave’s “Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards” Instructional Videos can be found here.

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from Billy_Bob:

I finally bought Dr. Dave’s DVD and book “The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards”.

And WOW! The DVD is fantastic! This should have been the first DVD I bought. I learned many new *basic* things from watching this DVD.

By fantastic, I mean that it is short, to the point, and clearly demonstrates many fundamentals of shots.

-Shots like a ball near the side pocket, how to shoot it so you will not scratch in the side. And why it works. (Why speed is the key.)
-How not to scratch on shots. And why it works.
-How similar shots can radically change where the cue ball will wind up depending on speed of hit. And why it works. (Not what you would obviously think.)
-Why some shots hit hard don’t work, but hit softly, they do work – and why.
-Things the other players in the pool hall don’t tell you, but seem to know.

The most interesting part is the “And why it works” part. He explains some very basic things which I have not seen/read elsewhere, but which should have been mentioned in any basic book on pool. Everyone keeping this stuff a secret or something?

And these basic things are easy once you see how and why.

Everybody says practice fundamentals, but they don’t say what fundamentals are exactly. Now I finally know and have fundamental shots to practice.

I will admit that I had this book/DVD on my wish list for quite some time, but put off buying it. I mistakenly thought it would be quite scientific/technical in nature. I thought it would explain what is going on, but not necessarily improve my game much. I was very wrong. It is simple shot basics explained in simple terms which anyone can easily understand.

I would recommend this DVD and book for everyone. Beginner, advanced, and pro.

“The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards”
(Should be called Fundamentals something or other…)

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