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Chapter 2 - Fundamentals

NV 2.1 - Miscue due to off-center hit with no chalk
NV 2.2 - Close-up of the grip during a good stroke
NV 2.3 - Mechanical bridge stroke with elbow out
NV 2.4 - Mechanical bridge stroke with elbow vertical (see NV 2.3
NV 2.5 - A good stroke
NV 2.6 - Steering follow through

Chapter 3 - Executing Basic Shots

NV 3.1 - Practicing contact point and ghost ball visualization
NV 3.2 - Using the cue to help visualize the required aiming line of a shot
NV 3.3 - Addressing the ball and taking your stance
NV 3.4 - 90° rule with various cut angles
NV 3.5 - Using your hand to visualize the 90° rule impact and tangent lines
NV 3.6 - Stop shot
NV 3.7 - Using the 90° rule to check for and prevent a scratch
NV 3.8 - Using your hand to visualize the 30° rule
NV 3.9 - 30° rule example
NV 3.10 - Using the 30° rule to check for and prevent a scratch
NV 3.11 - Following the recommended routine for planning and executing a shot
NV 3.12 - Side pocket near point effects
NV 3.13 - Corner pocket near rail effects
NV 3.14 - Near rail rattle (see NV 3.13
NV 3.15 - Large target size for shallow-angle rail shots

Chapter 4 - Spin and English

NV 4.1 - Stun shot
NV 4.2 - Using a draw shot to prevent a scratch
NV 4.3 - Straight-on draw shot
NV 4.4 - Using draw to minimize deflected motion of the cue ball
NV 4.5 - Using a follow shot to prevent a scratch
NV 4.6 - Straight-on follow shot
NV 4.7 - Following an obstacle ball into a pocket
NV 4.8 - Rail dribble follow shot
NV 4.9 - Normal follow shot into a rail
NV 4.10 - Effect of left sidespin
NV 4.11 - Effect of right sidespin
NV 4.12 - Using english for position control
NV 4.13 - Squirt due to high speed english
NV 4.14 - English swerve due to an elevated cue
NV 4.15 - Using throw to make a partially blocked shot
NV 4.16 - Over-cutting a cut shot to compensate for throw
NV 4.17 - Rail cut-shot with natural english
NV 4.18 - Large cue-ball deviation from the tangent-line with follow and small cut-angle
NV 4.19 - Large cue-ball deviation from the tangent-line with draw and small cut-angle
NV 4.20 - Delay of follow, tangent-line deviation with higher speed
NV 4.21 - Delay of draw, tangent-line deviation with higher speed
NV 4.22 - Avoiding a tangent line scratch using slow speed
NV 4.23 - Cue ball path control for a cut shot next to a rail
NV 4.24 - 30° rule speed effects
NV 4.25 - Positioning the cue ball at all spots on the table from an easy side pocket shot

Chapter 5 - Position Play and Strategy

NV 5.1 - Using speed and angle-control to pocket a three-ball sequence
NV 5.2 - Using speed and angle-control to pocket another three-ball sequence
NV 5.3 - Using sidespin to help run a four-shot sequence
NV 5.4 - Using reverse english to kill the cue ball motion off a rail
NV 5.5 - Hitting the rail first for position
NV 5.6 - Hitting the rail first to avoid an obstacle ball
NV 5.7 - Cheating a pocket
NV 5.8 - Freeze the cue ball on an object ball for a safety

Chapter 6 - Bank and Kick Shots

NV 6.1 - Equal distance bank method
NV 6.2 - Equal extended-rail-distance bank method
NV 6.3 - Parallel-line bank method example
NV 6.4 - Kick shot mirror-image method
NV 6.5 - Equal separation-distance kick-shot method
NV 6.6 - Bank high-speed effect
NV 6.7 - Bank low-speed effect
NV 6.8 - Kick shot with natural english
NV 6.9 - Kick shot with reverse english (see NV 6.8
NV 6.10 - Using english to create an angled kick- shot
NV 6.11 - Using reverse english to straighten a kick shot
NV 6.12 - Bank outside-cut creating reverse english
NV 6.13 - Bank inside-cut creating natural english

Chapter 7 - Advanced Techniques (Shot Making)

NV 7.1 - Aiming a combination shot
NV 7.2 - Cue ball billiard shot
NV 7.3 - Object ball carom shot
NV 7.4 - 30° rule billiard shot
NV 7.5 - Frozen ball throw
NV 7.6 - Frozen cue ball throw
NV 7.7 - Power break stance and stroke
NV 7.8 - Soft 9-ball break
NV 7.9 - Two-rail parallel-line kick-shot method
NV 7.10 - Double kiss of a ball frozen to a rail
NV 7.11 - Large-curve massé shot
NV 7.12 - Small-curve massé shot
NV 7.13 - Jump shot
NV 7.14 - Jump shot technique advice and demonstrations

Additional clips not referenced in the book (but referenced in Billiards Digest articles and FAQ resource pages):

NV A.1 - Cut shot vs. carom shot example

from the movie "The Hustler"

NV A.2 - 8-ball bank hustle shot
NV A.3 - Illegally pocketing a ball with cue follow-through
NV A.4 - Cue ball carom into a frozen-ball combination
NV A.5 - Perfect setup object ball carom shot
NV A.6 - Massé-draw billiard (carom) shot

from the movie "The Color of Money"

NV A.7 - Post safety, dead on, frozen carom, two-rail kick shot
NV A.8 - Frozen bank, corner rattle artistic shot
NV A.9 - Frozen kick off the rail shot
NV A.10 - Power draw for run-out position
NV A.11 - Partial jump shot, dead-on combination shot

from the movie "Pool Hall Junkies"

NV A.12 - Partial jump shot
NV A.13 - Frozen cue-ball carom-kick shot
NV A.14 - Double bank-carom or bank-double-carom shot
NV A.15 - Kick shot out of the jaws of a pocket
NV A.16 - Rail-assist jump shot

NV A.17 - Effective squirt vs. speed
NV A.18 - Colin Colenso's throw test video (effects of speed and english)
NV A.19 - Colin Colenso's back-hand-english saga (for squirt compensation)
NV A.20 - Colin Colenso's power break instructional video
NV A.21 - Bank shot using throw and spin transfer

Clips will no longer be provided in this format. See the main page for Youtube video versions of NV B.1 and beyond.

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