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... the process you go through to aim and prepare for a shot.

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What is a pre-shot routine?

A pre-shot routine is a sequence of steps you go through in preparation to aim and shoot a shot. It is generally recommended that this routine be followed consistently for every shot. Elements of a pre-shot routine include planning, chalking, aiming, aligning, approaching, forming the stance, and preparing and executing the stroke. For more information, see the recommended best practices.


recommended best practices

What are some recommended "best practices" for the pre-shot routine?

The following video, from Vol. I of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP), describes and demonstrates elements of a good pre-shot routine:


For more information, see "VEPP – Part I: Introduction and Fundamentals," (BD, April, 2012). This video also provides excellent advice: NV B.5 - Mike Page's pre-shot routine video (part 1, part 2). Also, these two articles by Bob Jewett offer excellent advice:

Bob Jewett's August '00 BD article dealing with pre-shot routine
Bob Jewett's OnTheBreak March '06 article dealing with pre-shot routine

Here's a useful 1-page summary of useful pre-shot-routine advice.

Here's some good advice from RalphEckert focusing on the grip hand. And here are some thoughts by Max Eberle.

An important part of a pre-shot routine is creating good alignment with your vision center positioned properly for consistent and accurate sighting. It is also important to have a consistent and purposeful eye pattern.

Concerning the stroke, recommended best practices are described and demonstrated here:

stroke "best practices"


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