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aiming aids

Are laser training aids useful for improving one's aim?

A less expensive (i.e., costs nothing) and maybe even a more effective alternative is to have a helper place a real ball in the desired GB location (adjusted for throw or not) and pull it away when the person shoots. I demonstrate this technique in NV 3.1; although, I didn't have a helper to remove the ball for me.

Also, striped balls are useful to help the shooter visualize both the "aiming line" (from the CB to the GB center) and the "impact line" between the GB and OB centers. To me, that's the most useful advice in the NV 3.1.



What are the best pool instructional books available?

See books.


instructional diagrams

Do you have blank diagrams I can copy or print to use to diagram shots or drills?

Several blank diagrams are available under "templates" in the instructor and student resources page . Players and instructors can use them to diagram shots for practice, instruction, or documentation. There is a full color version, and two different B&W versions (with shading, ink-conserving lines-only version). They are all drawn to scale based on the BCA specifications, and they contain grid lines to help line things up. The pages print to fill a 8.5"x11" page suitable for a 3-ring binder, and there are two tables per page with room for annotations. You can print the pages directly from the website; or, if you prefer, you can save the files directly to your own computer (by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As").


permission to use Dr. Dave's resources

Can I link to or copy documents on your website?

Instructors, schools, and others are welcome to link to or use any of the material posted at billiards.colostate.edu, as long as the materials are not repackaged or used in any for-sale items (e.g., manuals, books, Instructional Videos, etc.), and as long as the source is clearly cited (if not linked directly). Material is posted on the website so people can use it and benefit from it, not to keep it private. However, no part of my book, Instructional Videos, or CD-ROMs may be copied or used directly without Dr. Dave's permission.


spotted ball vs. striped ball

What is better for visualizing ball spin, an Aramith red-spots ball or a striped Elephant Practice ball?

The dotted ball is much better for visualizing spin and english. The striped ball works great when the stripe is lined up so the spin is perpendicular to the stripe. However, when the cue ball hits an object ball or a rail, the spin can be difficult or impossible (if the stripe is lined up with the spin direction) to see. For high-speed-video stuff, I like the striped ball, because I can carefully control situations. But for drills and normal play, where you might want to visualize the cue ball spin during all phases of a shot, the spotted ball is superior. You can see the spin on the ball regardless of its orientation.



Where can I find good instructional videos for learning how to play pool?

See videos.

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