Is pre-flag Master chalk any different from flag Master chalk?

No! It is the same chalk with a different label!

from Skip Nemecek (President of Tweeten Fibre Co., maker of Master Chalk):

To give you the background, (wow I wish I had a nickel for every time I had to write this) … following 9/11, I wanted to do something to show our support and patriotism as being an American company. I decided to put the American flag on every piece of chalk that goes all over the world. That was it. Nothing more then being a proud American company.

Someone decided to create the story that we changed something when the flag came on. Not sure why or how this rumor was started and there is certainly absolutely zero evidence to support that rubbish but nonetheless that’s what some started to say. The fact is we make two version of our Master label (which by the way is just a label and has nothing to do with the chalk other then cover it) and always have. One has the American flag on it and the other is the traditional Master label that hasn’t changed (except maybe the zip code) in forever. So even today, contrary to what some believe, we still make Master chalk with and without an American flag on the label.

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