A kick shot is one where you bounce the CB off one or more rails to reach an OB. A bank shot is one where you bounce an OB off one or more rails to reach a pocket. In simple terms, both are based on the mirror system, which uses the diamonds on the rails of the table as aiming references. Here is some basic terminology and aiming principles related to kick and bank shots:

pool bank shot terminology

There are many “diamond systems” and visual alternatives (with no numbers or “math”) that can be used to aim kick and bank shots. Information and demonstrations for many of the most common systems can be found here: bank and kick information and aiming systems. Here are demonstrations of the most basic and useful systems:

Here’s a useful system for aiming two-rail kick shots:

Vol. IV of the The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS) covers many banking principles and aiming systems in detail.

To use kick and bank diamond/aiming systems effectively, one must be aware of many kick and bank effects demonstrated in the following videos:

Good bankers often use fast speed (see advantages of fast speed), and a system that can be used to aim fast-speed banks is demonstrated in the following video:

For demonstrations of many other bank and kick shot aiming or diamond systems, see Dr. Dave’s Bank and Kick Shot Aiming playlist on YouTube.

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