Pool Rules Quiz

for testing and improving your knowledge of the rules
(based on the WPA World Standardized Rules)
by Dr. Dave Alciatore and Bob Jewett


Quiz Score Sheet and Videos

quiz scoring sheet (printable PDF file)
Excel version with automatic scoring and answers (from Craig Watson)

Shots 1-29:

Shots 30-69:

Shots 70-100:

Answer Sheet and Videos

Don't cheat! Make sure you take the quiz and fill out the answer sheet above before looking at the answers!

quiz answer summary sheet

Shots 1-29:

Shots 30-69:

Shots 70-100:

Categorized Instructional Videos

CB frozen to OB:

small gap between the CB and OB:

rail cut shots:

balls frozen to rails:

determining which ball is hit first:

miscellaneous fouls:


Additional Learning Resources

fouls resource page
contains numerous examples and demonstrations of how to detect and avoid all sorts of illegal shots

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