Having “fun” and maintaining a strong mental game are two of the most important FUNdaMENTALs of pool.


The easiest way to have fun and be more confident is to play well and continually improve. And the best way to do this is to have solid fundamentals (grip, bridge, stance, visual alignment, pre-shot routine, stroke). Here are some useful documents and resources for helping you diagnose problems and improve:

The following video provides an excellent overview of the most important fundamentals:

The following video describes recommended “best practices” for the stance:

Here are two videos describing recommended grip and bridge technique:

Here is a video demonstration of the generally-recommended pendulum stroke:

A good drill for learning to improve your stroke is called MOFUDAT: MOst Famous and Useful Drill of All Time. Here’s a video demonstration:

Proper visual alignment is a critically important fundamental of pool. For more info, see the “vision center” visual alignment resource page.

For help with your mental game, see the mental game resource page.

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