The following videos cover basic terminology, the basics of the rules and how to play, and proper etiquette at the table:

Standard definitions for all billiards terminology can be found in the online pool glossary.

Here is some basic terminology dealing with a cue and a pool table (see also: pool table terminology):

pool table and cue terminology

Here’s information on standard table and room dimensions for various standard size tables.

Here is some terminology related to a pool shot:

pool shot ghost-ball aiming terminology

Here’s a good demonstration of the 10 most important shot categories that must be learned to be a good pool player:

Here’s a good collection of highlight-reel shots to show you the range of creative and skilled shot options possible at a pool table:

Here’s a concise rules summary for 8-ball and 9-ball (based on the WPA World Standardized Rules). Information on rules for different leagues, along with a video-based rules quiz, can be found here: pool rules resources.

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