What is Perfect Aim?

Perfect Aim is a method of sighting recommended by Gene Albrecht. It is about getting the eyes in the right place for different types of shots.

from Gene Albrecht (in AZB post):

This is what Perfect aim is all about: Making sure the dominant eye is in the most dominant position making sure the other eye is not being dominant at all. This allows your eyes to work together in the most efficient way to envision the shot as Perfectly as possible.

from Gene Albrecht (in AZB post):

Cutting to the right and the left.

One is a dominant eye and the other is non dominant.

When we cut to the right it is the right eye and when we cut to the left it is the left eye.

from Gene Albrecht (in AZB post):

The head position will always be the same for every shot.

The hard part is knowing how to get there and keep it there for all shots.

from Patrick Johnson (in AZB post):

[In Gene’s Perfect Aim DVD, he suggests] that we should sight all pool shots by aligning the “inside” edge of the CB with the place on the OB where it should overlap for the cut angle we want, and that we should position the eye nearest that side of the CB directly over this line to get the truest picture of it. For instance:

– for a 30° cut to the left (a 1/2 ball hit), sight from the CB’s left edge to the exact center of the OB by positioning the left eye over that line

– for a 49° cut to the right (a 1/4 ball hit), sight from the CB’s right edge to the point 1/2 radius in from the OB’s left edge by positioning the right eye over that line

– for a straight shot, sight from the CB’s edge to the OB’s edge by positioning the dominant eye over that line (obviously, using the edges on the dominant eye side)

… Gene is a very good player with many high-level tournament notches on his belt …

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