Is there any rationale behind the choices for pool balls?

Every “solid” (balls 1-7) have a different color, and every “stripe” (balls 9-15) uses the same color as the corresponding “solid” (e.g., the 1-ball and 9-ball are both yellow). If you add 8 to a solid number, you get the corresponding stripe number of the same color.

If you arrange the balls in an 8-ball rack in a methodical way in color groupings, all sorts of numerical consistencies also arise. For more info, see: “Ball Colors and Numbers” (BD, May, 2017).

See also: justifications for other color schemes created by Aramith.

from Patrick Johnson (in AZB post):

Pool Ball Colors Logic:

Primary colors (no mixing): 1/9, 2/10, 3/11
Secondary colors (2 primaries mixed): 4/12, 5/13, 6/14
Tertiary color (secondary & primary mixed): 7/15
No color (black): 8
All colors (white): cue ball

Pool Ball Color Venn Diagram

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