How do you aim to kick at balls close to a rail at a shallow angle into the rail?

For shallow angles into the rail, where the OB is fairly close to the rail, the contact-point-mirror-kick method works well. It is described in the contact point mirror kick handout, and here are video demonstrations with a complete explanation, the 2nd from Vol. IV of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS):

The following video, from Vol. IV of the Video Encycopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP), demonstrates a good way to practice these shots:

For more information, see: “VEPS GEMS – Part VII: Contact-Point Mirror Kick” (BD, July, 2010) and “VEPP – Part X: Shallow One-rail Kicks,” (BD, January, 2013).

from Bob Jewett (in AZB post):

On kick shots nearly parallel to the cushion, the cue ball comes off the cushion at only 70% of the slope going in if the cue ball is rolling. This is true even if the cue ball has reverse (cushion side) side spin.

On this shot (see below) the cue ball is on the head string and the shot is to just above the side pocket. A 100% bounce or perfect mirror reflection is shown to the 2 ball. If the cue ball is rolling softly into the cushion, it will usually go to about the 3 ball or what you might call a 70% bounce. This happens with either right or left side spin on the cue ball.

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