How do you find and use the “magic spot” for 3-rail kick shots?

See also the following document from Marcel Elfers: Pool Magic Spot.

from Poolmanis (from YouTube comment):

I learned this system as “spot on rail,” not cloth. But it is same concept. Normally the spot is close to the 2.6 you mentioned but you instead aim at the cushion nose. It is the best way to aim 3 rail kicks when the OB is on end rail for sure. With wider angles, you normally need to hit slightly less sidespin than normal. Normally I set up the CB and OB on opposite side rails on the 1st diamond and find spot to make it. Then I move them to the 2nd diamonds and so on. To make system work, you normally need little less sidespin than plus 5 system and firmer hit. Funny note: you can use same spot for other way around too on end rail hits. I think we called the system name “opposite 3 rail system” or something like that.

from Bob Jewett (via e-mail):

The “opposite 3” or “magic spot” system was first described in print (so far as I know) in Byrne’s “Wonderful World” book, pp. 109-113. It is attributed to Ray Kilgore, top American 3-C player in the 50s and 60s.

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