What is a good system for aiming fast-speed bank shots?

The 1/3-more-than-twice bank shot aiming system described in the following articles and videos works well for sliding banks resulting from fast speed or the OB being close to the rail: “Fast Speed Banks” (BD, July, 2013) and “HAPS – Part VIII: Bank Shots” (BD, June, 2015). It works well for banks of any speed if the OB is close to the banking cushion (where it doesn’t have time or distance to develop forward roll). Here’s a diagram from the article illustrating how it works:

And here are video demonstrations, the last from Vol. III of How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS):

The aim always originates 1/3 of a diamond above the standard 2-to-1 mirror system, measured across from the diamonds in the rail groove. It can be referred to as the “(2x + 1/3) to x” or “1/3-more-than-twice system. See the article and the video above for examples of how it is applied. The system is also described and demonstrated in “VEPS GEMS – Part V: Banks and Kicks” (BD, May, 2010). Here’s the diagram from the article that illustrates how the adjustment works. The exact amount of adjustment needed will vary with conditions and the angle of the bank, but 1/3 of a diamond is a good general benchmark reference.

An alternative to the 1/3-more-than-twice system, which measures everything relative to the rail grooves across from the diamonds, is the 1-more-than-twice system, which instead measures everything through the diamonds. This system requires adjustments, but it might be preferred by some people.

In addition to being able to use the aiming systems above, there are advantages to using fast speed with bank shots. For more info, see: advantages of fast speed.

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