What advice do you have concerning the bridge?

See the following videos:

For mechanical bridge advice, see the mechanical bridge resource page.

For advice concerning how to be effective with elevated bridges, see the elevated cue resource page.

Here’s a creative backward stroke for a shot difficult to reach.

Why do many players move or tap their ring finger on the table before their shot?

It has been suggested that the specific region of the brain that is used for 3D visualization (aiming) is also used for fine motor control of the fingers. That would be a good explanation for why it is so common for players to move their bridge-hand fingers while aiming. The index and middle fingers provide most of the bridge stability (especially with an open bridge), so they can’t move much; and the little finger isn’t usually very active, so that leaves the ring finger. This ring-finger “tic” is very common, especially in top players, so maybe the brain explanation has some merit.

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