How are combination shots (combos) aimed?

The following video from Vol. II of How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS), covers the basics:

Generally, the easiest way to aim combos is to simply apply whatever aiming system you use … twice. One technique is the ghost-ball cue-pivot method demonstrated in the following videos:

You first place the cue tip at the necessary ghost-ball position for the 2nd OB. Then pivot the cue to visualize the necessary line of aim for the 1st OB. Then place the tip at the required ghost-ball position to send the 1st OB along this line. Pivoting the cue to the CB then gives the necessary line of aim for the shot.

Aim must also be compensate for throw, especially with slow-speed small-gap or frozen combinations. For more information see “HAPS – Part V: Combination-Shot Throw” (BD, March, 2015) and the following videos:

For more information, see frozen-ball throw and small-gap combos.

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