What is the 45° rule, and how is it used to position the CB at or through the center of the table?

It states that if the CB rolls into the short rail at close to a 45° angle, it will head off two rails fairly close to the center of the table along a scratch-free path. For more info, see the following demonstration from Vol. II of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS):

See “VEPS GEMS – Part III: English and Position Control” (BD, March, 2010) for more information. Here are more demonstrations of how the 45° rule is applied at the table:

Here’s a good drill from Vol. II of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP) for practicing getting to the center of the table off pocket hangers:

See “VEPP – Part V: Hanger Table-Center Drills,” (BD, August, 2012) for more information.

The position play principles handout has some examples of leaving an angle, coming into the line of a shot, and applying the 45° rule.

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