Should a taller player use a cue longer than the standard 58-59″?

It depends on the person and what they prefer. I longer cue obviously provides more reach without having to grip the end of the cue. Joint or butt extensions can be used to lengthen any cue, but they can add weight and change the cue balance. Here’s a good video that covers all important considerations:

from Tom Simpson (from PoolDawg article):

As with most pool issues, there are pros & cons. … players about 6’4″ and taller really need a longer cue. Also, players with very long arms, very broad shoulders, or a very long bridge sometimes also qualify. And some short players play with a longer cue so they can reach more shots without the mechanical bridge.

If you find yourself often gripping the bumper at the bottom of your cue, you may need a slightly longer stick. … (Be aware not all cue cases will fit non-standard cues, so you may have to buy a new case.)

As cues get longer, the balance point moves toward the butt and the stick gets heavier. Both of these factors are vital to a player’s feel. You generally want to grip behind the balance point so the front of your stick is happy to stay down in your bridge hand (with an open bridge). A change in balance point of even a 1/2″ changes how the stick feels.

My advice is, if you’re going longer, try just adding a few inches. Anything more than 6″ is probably going to be too much.

Yes, Earl Strickland and ShaneVan Boening (super pros) both now play with extremely long cues that have been custom made for them. They are both tall players and they sometimes play on 10′ tables. Their cues are 8″-12″ longer than standard. But that doesn’t mean we all should run out and get monster long cues.

If you’re frequently running out of stick to grip, you may need to shorten your bridge. If bridge length is not an issue, you may need a longer cue. But if you just need some extra length to help you reach more shots, [there are] different cue extensions that can temporarily make your stick longer. Some cuemakers offer a lightweight extension that screws into the bumper, and some manufacturers offer an extension that goes in-between the shaft & butt. When you use one of these products, your stick will feel & behave differently. Practice up.

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