How do you get the cue ball to draw more quickly with a cut shot?

To have the cue ball draw back more quickly at a shorter angle and less tangent-line motion with a cut shot, you want to have as much backspin as possible with as little forward speed as possible. The result is called quick draw. To get the largest effect, you need to elevate the cue cue elevation above about 20° (see draw shot physics-based advice for more info). Cue elevation also allows one to create less object motion for a given amount of cue ball draw. For examples and more info, see “Draw Shot Physics – Part III: spin ratio” (BD, June, 2009) and “Draw Shot Physics – Part IV: cue elevation effects” (BD, July, 2009). Here’s an example:

And here are some related videos:

For more info on cue elevation effects, see cue elevation effects.

Why does cue elevation cause the CB to draw faster?

With an elevated cue, less forward speed is imparted to the CB, allowing the backspin to draw the CB back from the tangent line more quickly. For more information, see:

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