What is the simplest drill for practicing run-out skills?

Probably the simplest, most common, and most useful drill for developing good offensive skills is the followin 3-ball drill:

  1. Randomly throw out three balls (e.g., the 1-ball, 2-ball, and 3-ball) on the table. If a ball drops, randomly throw it back on the table.
  2. Take cue ball in hand and pocket the three balls in rotation (i.e., in numerical order).
  3. Keep track of how many 3-ball patterns you run (e.g., out of 20), and see if you improve over time.

If you are very successful with three balls (e.g., 18-20 runs out of 20 patterns), increase the number of balls to four and then more. If you can progress to 15 balls and make a high percentage of the patterns, then you can join the pro tour.

This drill should not be confused with the game of 3-ball.

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