How does the Runout Drill System (RDS) work?

The Runout Drill System (RDS) is a new progressive and adaptive approach to practice, teach, and learn pool. RDS consists of a set of 16 break-and-run challenges of increasing levels of difficulty. A detailed explanation can be found here:

Runout Drill System (RDS) instructions and diagrams

And here is a complete video demonstration of the progressive/adaptive version of RDS:

A fun scored variation of RDS is the RDS 100 Challenge:

RDS is the fourth of the Billiard University (BU) Playing Ability Exams.

The BU Rating Comparison table below shows how RDS Player Levels compare to other commonly used rating and handicapping systems:

BU Player Rating Comparison Table

For more information, see “Player Ratings” (BD, December, 2020).

The Runout Drills System (RDS) is based on concepts first presented by Bob Jewett. For more information, see:

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