How does target pool work, and how can they help me with cue ball control and position control?

Here’s an introduction and example from Vol. II of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP):

See “VEPP – Part IV: Target Practice Card Trick,” (BD, July, 2012) and Bob Jewett’s July ’05 article here for more information. An alternative to using cards to generate random locations on the table for the OB and target positions is to use an online tool provided by Isaac (via AZB post). Every time you click on the screen, the tool generates two random locations on a pool-table-shaped grid.

Here’s another useful position-control target practice drill from the Billiard University (BU) Instructional Series, along with an extended version:

And here are some useful target practice drills for learning CB control off pocket hangers:

and here’s one for practicing rail cut-shot position-play control:

The following templates can be printed and cut out for “target pool” practice: circular target template (used in VEPP drills) and rectangular target template (used in BU Exam drills).

BullseyeBilliards is a commercial product involving “target pool” practice comprised of thin cloth targets and a complete set of drills to help one develop CB control and position play skills.

The original version of “Target Pool” was developed by Don Wilke and popularized by Kim Davenport. It is now marketed by Thorsten Hohmann through the ICA Training projection system. Here’s a video demonstration:

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