How do you aim frozen-ball carom and kiss shots?

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Here’s a demonstration of how to control the 1st ball of a frozen or small-gap combo:

Here are some interesting herding shots from from Vol. V of the Video Encyclopedia of Nine-ball and Ten-ball (VENT) where an OBs are frozen to each other and a cushion:

For other examples where deformation of the cushion is important, see the cushion compression shot resource page.

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from Bob Jewett (in AZB post):

You are playing one pocket. That involves a lot of spotting balls for fouls and balls pocketed in wrong pockets and such. Suppose you have two balls spotted and frozen already. You make a ball in an extraneous pocket and it has to spot up. You freeze it nicely to the back ball of the pair, but you don’t put it exactly in line on the foot string. Instead, you place it slightly towards your opponent’s pocket. How much? Try and see.

Your opponent might even notice the misalignment and think that will help him eventually to move the back ball to his side of the table, and he might say nothing.

If you hit the front ball from nearly anywhere up table, the middle of the three object balls will get squoze (that’s the technical term) towards your pocket.

The front ball doesn’t have to be frozen to the middle ball. The important frozen spot is between the ball that is to be squoze forward and the ball that blocks it.

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