How do you play “golf” on a pool table?

“Golf” is pool game or drill where the goal is to pocket a single OB in each pocket with the fewest number of “strokes.” The CB is placed on the head spot to begin, and the OB is placed (or re-spotted) on the center spot before each “hole.” Three rounds to each of the six pockets in order (counterclockwise, starting with the right side pocket) comprise a full “18-hole” game. An obstacle ball can be placed on the foot spot as a “hazard” in addition to the pockets. Scratching imposes a 3-stroke penalty, and hitting the ball on the foot spot incurs a 1-stroke penalty.

Another version of golf pool involves breaking a different pattern of balls for each “hole” which different par scores for each run-out. Here’s a golf pool score sheet from Bob Jewett showing each ball layout.

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