How do you play one-pocket?

One-pocket (AKA “one-hole”) is a pool game where each player has a designated corner pocket in which he or she must pocket more than half of the 15 balls to win. The Video Encyclopedia of One Pocket (VEOP) covers all the skills, knowledge, strategy, and moves you need to win at one-pocket (1P). Detailed rules can be found here:

Here’s a good collection of well-played example one-pocket shots and an example of the importance of strategy and shot selection:

Kicks and banks are very important in 1P. Here are some example systems that can be helpful aiming these shots:

Here’s a good summary of general, offensive, and defensive strategies in one pocket. Here is a collection of articles from Bob Jewett that provides an excellent overview of the game:

Here is an excellent website supporting the game of one-pocket:

Here are some classic one-pocket shots:

And many great one-pocket shots can be found here:

And here many more great one-pocket match shot examples from an AZB thread by SE7EN:

Rafael Martinez shot:

combo to extract balls to corner with safety

Alex Pagulayan shot:

cross corner move with multiple-rail safe

SVB shot:

thin cue kiss-kiss with shape

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