What are approximate values for pool equipment physical properties?

  • ball diameter: 2.25 in
  • ball mass: 6 oz
  • ball mass moment of inertia: 2/5 mR2
  • ball-ball coefficient of friction (μ): 0.03-0.08
  • ball-ball coefficient of restitution (e): 0.92-0.98
  • ball-cloth coefficient of rolling resistance (μ): 0.005 – 0.015
  • ball-cloth coefficient of sliding friction (μ): 0.15-0.4 (typical value: 0.2)
  • ball-cloth spin deceleration rate: 5-15 rad/sec2
  • ball-rail coefficient of restitution (e): 0.6-0.9
  • ball-table coefficient of restitution (e): 0.5-0.7
  • cue-tip-ball coefficient of friction (μ): 0.6
  • cue-tip-ball coefficient of restitution (e): 0.71-0.75 (leather tip), 0.81-0.87 (phenolic tip)

Here’s a typical range of ball speeds used at the table.

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