How do I get the desired cue ball position off a rail cut shot?

See the rail cut shot handout, “VEPS GEMS – Part III: English and Position Control” (BD, March, 2010), and “HAPS – Part VI: Rail Cut Shots” (BD, March, 2015). The following video from Vol. II of How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS) covers the important basics:

Her are other good videos demonstrating the basic CB control with rail cut shots:

Concerning CB direction with frozen rail cut shots, the following super-slow-motion video clips are listed in order based on how far down-table the CB travels. The OB is pocketed in all of the clips from two diamonds up from the corner pocket.

All of these cases are also presented with graphics and narration on the HSV DVD.

Here are some demonstrations from Vol. II of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots that shows some examples:

Here’s another good example from Vol. V of the Video Encyclopedia of Nine-ball and Ten-ball (VENT):

And here’s a related example (by Carlo Biado) where some sidespin can be retained with a ball-first hit at an angle into the cushion and slick conditions (new cloth and/or clean, non-humid conditions):

Here’s a great drill to work on frozen rail-cut-shot CB control:

Here’s a good example of how to kill CB motion with thin cuts close to a rail:

For many examples and explanations of how to judge fouls with rail cut shots, see:

How do I judge CB direction when the OB is off the rail slightly?

See non-frozen CB control and using the rails.

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