Does the miscue limit depend on the shaft’s squirt?

See: HSV B.47 – effect of shaft endmass and squirt on miscue limit. It appears that a cue with more endmass (a lot more in the video) allows greater tip offset. With more tip offset, you would expect to get more english. You would also expect to get more squirt than you would get even with the same endmass. If you watch all of the shots in the video, you will see that the cue with the added endmass had much more squirt than the cue without the added endmass, much more than can be explained by a small difference in tip offset. Also, with more squirt comes less english (for a given tip offset), because the effective offset is less. If you look at the stripe on the ball in the super-slow-motion clips, you will see that the CB actually has slightly more english (spin per distance) with the low-squirt cue (due to a larger “effective tip offset”), even though the “actual tip offset” is slightly greater with the added-endmass cue!

For more info, see:

Can the type or brand of chalk affect the amount of squirt?

All commercially available pool chalk, assuming the tip is holding it, grabs the CB without any slipping whatsoever.  When the tip slips, a miscue results.  Now, “partial” miscues are possible, where the tip mostly grabs and just slips a little.  With any miscue (partial or full), there is significantly more squirt because the tip moves sideways more as it slides over the edge of the CB (see example videos here).  With more tip sideways motion (which requires force), the CB will experience more equal-and-opposite-reaction sideways force, resulting in more CB squirt.  Also, I would expect the amount of squirt would be very inconsistent if there were partial or full slip due to the complicated nature of impact-induced slip.  That’s why the tip probably doesn’t slip with most shots, because with most shot (assuming the tip is well chalked), CB squirt is very consistent.

For more info concerning how different chalks compare, see chalk brand comparison results.

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