What effects do squirt, swerve, and throw have with a straight-in shot hit with unintentional sidespin?

There are two possible cases here:

  1. The cue is aligned in the proper aiming line direction but shifted to the left a little, creating unintentionally left sidespin, but the stroke is straight. In this case, the CB will squirt to the right (the amount depends on the cue and the amount of tip offset), the CB will swerve back some to the left (the amount depends on shot speed, cue elevation and ball/cloth conditions), the contact point might be to the left or right of the initial target depending on the relative amounts of squirt and swerve, then the sidespin will throw the OB a little to the right of what the contact point suggests.
  2. The cue is aligned in the proper aiming line direction and the cue tip is aligned with the center of the CB, but the stroke is not perfectly straight, resulting in slight unintentional left sidespin. In this case, the aiming line is now pivoted to the left a little, so the CB will tend to head to the left a little (the amount will depend on bridge distance). Everything else is the same as with “1,” but now relative to this new aiming line direction.

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