Why do so many pro pool players, and virtual all pro snooker players, have such a low stance, with the chin very close to or touching the cue?

A low stance, with the chin just over the cue, offers many advantages, especially with long shots (where the OB is far from the CB):

  • It makes it easier to be consistent with your visual alignment (for more info, see vision center). With the chin so close to the cue, it is easier to see (or even feel) whether or not you are off to one side or the other.
  • Being closer to the cue allows you to sight more along the cue, similar to a marksman looking down the barrel of a gun. This can help you better visualize the line of the shot. Note that with a low stance, it helps to use an open bridge or longer bridge length to allow you to see more of the cue (for more info, see bridge length).
  • There is less eye movement between the CB and the OB while checking the tip position and aiming line in the set position.
  • It is easier to visualize and create the exact tip position desired, especially in the vertical direction.

The following video (at the 1:15 point) demonstrates these advantages:

And the following video (at the 3:59 point) demonstrates how you can easily get your head lower if you need or want to:

See also: stance technique advice.

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