How does the “bisect-pivot-and-shift” or “midpoint-parallel-shift” aiming system work?

It is described an demonstrated in detail, along with other common aiming systems, in How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS). A brief summary is below, along with illustrations showing how the contact points, bisect midpoint, and cue pivot angle are related.

This system should not be confused with the midpoint-parallel-shift kick and bank shot aiming systems.

from bluepepper:

– Sighting for a straight in shot from behind the cueball, place tip of cue on table midway between cue ball and object ball.

– Then locate contact point on object ball.

– Keeping tip in same spot on table move to the right or left until the cue is pointing directly at the contact point.

– From there, roll the cue, staying parallel to that line, until the center of the cue is hovering directly above the center of the cueball. That’s your aim line. Pick a spot along this line to aim at in order to pocket the shot.

from ceebee (in AZB post):

midpoint parallel shift aiming

from Patrick Johnson:

midpoint parallel shift

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