Dr. Dave, I have been practicing the 2-rail parallel line kick shots you show in your book on pages 229 & 230 and demonstrated in NV 7.9. It works fine if I set up the balls similar to what you show in your book but I am having difficulty envisioning the same shot from other set ups. I don’t think I fully understand how to determine the center line between the 2 parallel lines. Can you elaborate on this idea?

The following video, from Vol. III of the Billiard University (BU) Instructional video series, demonstrates the system:

Unfortunately, the action of this shot depends on english, shot speed, and table (especially cushion) conditions. Obviously, when practicing, you need to try to use consistent english and speed on a given table to see how the cue ball responds at different angles.

For more information and demonstrations, see Shots 514 and 515 on Vol. IV of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots.

from Patrick Johnson:

You have to aim a little closer to the corner than the measurement suggests – experience will tell you how much, depending on the angle to the first rail and the cleanliness of the table/balls.

In this drawing the blue line is the measured track, but the actual track will look more like the red line:

2-rail kick aiming

from Bob_Jewett:

… the “Amazing Double-mirror Image Method” or ADIM for short … is explained on the second page of http://www.sfbilliards.com/articles/2004.pdf (July). Mostly, it gives you a very easy way to put up a target ball exactly where the real ball would appear for a perfect mirror system. … This lets you see immediately how pitifully awful the two-rail mirror system is, but it also allows you to try to find out where it does work and maybe how to modify it so it works for more cases.

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