How do you predict where the CB will head with a kiss-back or double-kiss shot?

A kiss-back shot is where the OB is frozen or close to a cushion and the CB double-kisses the ball. With a shot like this, if the OB is frozen to the cushion, the CB must contact a cushion or the shot is a foul (see kiss-back shot fouls). The following videos provides many interesting examples of kiss-back shots, including safeties, carom shots, kiss shots, and double-kiss bank shots:

With kiss-back carom shots, the direction of the CB can be predicted with the 3-times-the-angle rule. It states that with a soft stun shot, the CB will rebound back at a total angle three times the cut angle of the shot, as demonstrated in the following videos:

The action of a shot like this can depend a lot on shot speed and cushion properties; but with a little practice, this technique can be effective.

Here’s a good example of an OB kiss-back kiss shot with follow action:

For more super-slow-motion examples of kiss-back shots, see:

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