How do I “leave an angle” and “come into the line of a shot” when playing position?

See the following demonstrations from Vol. III of the Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball (VEEB) and from Vol. II of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots:

Here are some additional good examples:

Sometimes, it is important to play for a precise point or line, rather to a general area. Here’s an example from Vol. III of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots:

The position play principles handout has some examples of leaving an angle, coming into the line of a shot, and applying the 45° rule.

from BRussell (in AZB post)

That position on a corner pocket shot where you have an angle going in to the rail is one of the most important in pool. It comes up a couple times in most every rack. Drills like the one below can help to ingrain the shot and the position. Make the balls in rotation, always getting one rail position. Once you clear the 4, put all four balls back up and keep going.


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